Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vintage Mother's Day Matchbox Swap for MAS

These are my entries for the MAS (
Vintage Mother's Day Matchbox Swap.


  1. Wow girl. Look at you. These are great.

    1. Thanks Yvette! The sad thing is I sent them in for the swap and never got a thing back. They lost my flowers for the flower swap too...:o( I kept getting told my package was in the mail, but it never came and the DC# I was given never worked. It made me a little shy of swaps outside of My Scrap Room.

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  3. ooooh, the mother's day vintage match box is adorable. Sorry you didn't get anything back with it. That was so cute. I have been a little gun shy myself w/swaps. I put a lot into my work and don't get close. The only place I swap with is CCL. I have been happy with some and disappointed with others. But I guess that is the gamble. I know I am going to like you as my partner on the Dress Form! LOL